Water-efficient irrigation for Chile’s largest reforestation project

Aqua4D has joined forces with IST Group to support the largest reforestation initiative in Chile, as part of the 6D movement. Making news across the country, 15,000 trees were planted in Renca, Santiago. The National Forestry Commission estimates this will help clean the air and benefit around 360,000 inhabitants of north-west Santiago.

To support this momentous effort, Aqua4D donated three of its cutting-edge F-A systems to ensure water-efficient irrigation of the trees. On top of this, their experts will provide ongoing consultancy for better resource management across the entire project. The municipality will become a reference point in Chile for innovative smart water management through precision irrigation.

IST Group will monitor the water use and soil moisture through its follow-up protocols. This will give the municipal government objective data with which to take water management decisions and ensure the sustainable footing of the project.

Thus by ensuring responsible water use, the technology will also positively impact the wider communities through better resource management.

“We’re proud to help the municipality of Renca with this emblematic project,” says IST Group’s Felipe Villarino. “Aqua4D’s irrigation technology and expertise is making sure water use is as efficient as possible and will continue to generate positive impacts in Chilean communities.”

The National Forestry Commission’s Executive Director noted that tree-planting initiatives are the best immediate way to approach the climate crisis. And with these trees being irrigated by this innovative water-saving technology, the project is a reference point both for responsible resource management and climate change mitigation.

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