This article originally appeared in Chile’s El Mercurio newspaper.

IST Group (AQUA4D Chile) and SGS have reached an agreement to introduce innovative and sustainable technology for water resource optimization and efficiency in mining processes.

Water scarcity, salinity and water resource optimization are the biggest challenges around water use for the mining industry today. These are precisely the issues that IST Group addresses through its monitoring service and its AQUA4D® technology, which opens up new opportunities for water efficiency in various mining processes. The Chilean company is now rapidly deploying this Swiss technology throughout Chile and Peru.

“We are committed to the efficiency and optimization of all processes that utilize water resources, impacting several industries,” says Felipe Villarino, CEO and founder of IST Group. “Accordingly, we are excited at the potential impact of AQUA4D® technology in the mining sector.”

AQUA4D’s water-smart technology increases water efficiency across various industries and use cases. Deployed since 2004, the innovative approach generates physical changes in the structure of water that lead to a variety of positive effects. In mining, this includes water use in processes such as flotation, leach pads and incrustations.

This collaborative development agreement with SGS – a world leader in inspection, verification, testing and certification – and IST Group, seeks to provide innovative and sustainable solutions to the mining industry. This would significantly reduce costs in water use, maintenance, energy and other aspects, something which is being warmly welcomed by the mining companies with whom they are collaborating directly.

For years, SGS have worked with the most important mining companies in Chile, and so are acutely aware of the great challenges the industry faces in water related issues. Claudia Rios, Project Manager of SGS Minerals Services, states: “Our mission is to deliver solutions to our clients, but above all, high impact solutions in a way that is sustainable,” she says. “We are very excited about all the results we can achieve together with IST Group and AQUA4D for water process efficiency in the mining industry.”

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Known for its water efficiency for irrigation, AQUA4D technology will be increasingly deployed in the mining sector in the coming years

AQUA4D’s effect on water structure could have significant benefits for resource efficiency in mining