Çiltar Tarim Enterprises, based in Turkey’s Central Anatolia region, has a proud history of strawberry seedling cultivation stretching back four decades. Always ready to try new technologies to optimize their production, in 2020 they installed the AQUA4D® system – the latest in an ever-growing number of AQUA4D projects in Turkey. Just 6 months later, the results have exceeded all expectations.

From nematode treatment to overall plant health

The company’s initial goal was to control nematode populations – an ever-important factor in the seedling industry. With AQUA4D’s record of keeping nematodes away from the roots without the need for harmful chemicals, this seemed like a good fit. When plant roots are no longer held back by the unwelcome presence of these pests, they can flourish to their full potential.

Within a matter of months, Çiltar Tarım have observed exactly this impact: “In the results we have seen so far, we see that the root growth is better than the control area and the color of the plant is better than the previous ones,” reports Zafer Türemiş, founding partner. “The plant is nourished better due to this improved root development.”

Less yellow leaves

Despite now having the system installed for just half a year, the already visible benefits have gone far beyond solving their nematode issues.

The soil at Çiltar Tarım has invariably had a high pH, making absorption of minerals such as manganese and iron difficult. Up to now, this has resulted in the tell-tale yellowing of leaves.

“For strawberries, the leaf color we want is usually emerald green,” explains Türemiş. “Here in the area irrigated with AQUA4D, no yellowing appears. The leaves are just the color we want. Therefore, we observe the positive effects of this AQUA4D treatment.”

Lab tests: leaf analysis

To scientifically verify the efficacy of their water-smart treatment system, Çiltar Tarım had set up a control area and a treated area, as is standard practice for AQUA4D® growers around the world. This side-by-side analysis enables a straightforward comparison of both areas in laboratory tests.

“In the leaf analysis, we saw that most values in the AQUA4D area were higher than the control, says Türemiş. “This shows that the plant can get better absorb the nutrients from the water and fertilizers.”

The lab analysis confirmed what the growers themselves had observed: “The leaves are greener in the area irrigated with AQUA4D, and now chemical analysis shows higher mineral and nutritional values ​​in this area.”

Improved nutrient uptake, better plant health

This improved uptake of nutrients and fertilizers was due to the physical restructuring of their irrigation water by AQUA4D®. This includes not only the H2O clusters, but also any minerals contained within the water (including fertigation) are better dissolved, meaning the nutrients within can be more easily absorbed by the plant.

The consequence is precisely what was observed here in Central Anatolia: the strawberry seedlings could absorb what they needed, resulting in the higher incidence of minerals including manganese and iron in the leaf analysis.

“We thought that the plant could make better use of water and fertilizer as the benefits of the AQUA4D especially in improving water… We now see that the positive effect of the AQUA4D has been proven.”

Full video interview with Çiltar Tarim:

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Soilless strawberry greenhouse at Çiltar Tarım, Anatolia

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