Floralis (Netherlands) gains tangible results with the Aqua4D system

Originally published in Dutch in Blomen Planten Nieuws, 12 December 2018
The flower grower Lisianthuskwekerij Floralis is, in their own words, fond of experimenting and improving, says Jan-Willem Aarse. “We like to see how it can be cleaner, more sustainable and better. For example, one and a half years ago we were one of the first with an Opticlear Diamond unit to recycle as much water as possible. That’s fine, we do not have a fusarium and are reasonably clean. However, when we heard of Aqua4D and the results that were achieved with chrysanthemums, we were curious what it could mean for the lisianthus flower.”

Aqua4D is a technology which, by means of an electromagnetic signal, the molecular structure of the irrigation water is, as it were, restored to its original form. The water can then better dissolve the nutrients and the plant can in turn absorb both the water and the nutrients more efficiently. In addition, as a result, harmful organisms in water pipes multiply less and the soil structure often improves.

Firmer crops

“When we harvest the stems, they are never completely uniform. One of the things that Aqua4D could potentially bring about is the application of more uniformity, “says Aarse. “Based on what we have seen so far – we have now done four rounds – the crop appears to be slightly firmer and we see more flower buds.”

Whether this is a kind of miracle, Jan-Willem can not (yet) confirm. “We have not yet done any measurements on the crop. Moreover, we would then base ourselves on one course (840 meters), and of course there are many factors that can play a role in the results. The year in which you measure also plays a role.”

However, they are so convinced that they have now decided to treat all irrigation water. During the test phase, the Aqua4D unit was in just one specific area. Since a week or two, however, it has been moved to the main water unit, just after the pump, and does the whole garden. “Good quality water is very important and is becoming increasingly scarce. Especially when, like us, you reuse drain water, you want to be sure that it is right. In combination with the WaterIQ system, the Aqua4D system can help us keep the water as vital as possible.”

Floralis Lisianthuskwekerij has a real scoop – this is the first time the Aqua4D system has been used in this crop group. “I love experimenting and innovation”, laughs Aarse. “We were one of the first with Opticlear (it has been around for about one and a half years now), with which we have mixed the irrigation water, rain and ditch – 100% recycling. We hope to be able to deliver an even better quality now with Aqua4D.”