Farmers across the world reap the benefits

Month by month, year by year, Aqua4D Water Solutions has achieved consistently impressive results across the globe, enabling farmers to increase yields and profits while overcoming poor soil and water conditions.

From almonds in California to tomatoes in Italy, Spain and Tunisia; from grapes in Ethiopia to olives in India and melons in Brazil. It’s become consistently clear after each harvest that growers who’ve invested in an Aqua4D  system reap the benefits for their business, all by optimizing plant behaviour in an environmentally friendly, chemical-free and sustainable way.

Better yet, the benefits continue to accrue as long as the system is in continual operation. Salts and other harmful elements are leeched from the soil, nematodes are repelled from root zones, and reductions in water and fertilizer usage become permanent.

In most situations, the ROI – a key metric for savvy agribusiness operators – can be realized in two years or less. This is one among the many reasons why growers in more than 40 countries have been turning to Aqua4D.

Impressive international results

The Aqua4D system relies on a combination of proven Swiss technology and empirical data collected over more than a decade from orchards, vineyards and fields around the world.

The system uses a finely calibrated electromagnetic signal to treat irrigation water before it is applied to crops. The system dissolves minerals and other organic material in the water into smaller elements, immediately improving any plant’s ability to better absorb what it needs in the proper proportions.

Yields increase from 6% to as much as 40% or more across all crop types. Consistent improvements in the size and quality of the fruit or vegetable, leaf structure and root development have been measured.

Richard Müller

CFO, Agricola Famosa BRAZIL

17 %

Production increase

In Brazil, the CFO at Agricola Famosa, one of Brazil’s largest growers, reported to us how their yields and quality of their export fruits had increased by up to 20%, after they installed an Aqua4D system to combat years of salinized soil (full interview above).

Over in Ethiopia, the General Manager of an influential French wine company growing premium grapes in Ethiopia credits Aqua4D for a 35% reduction in water use and 20% increase in yield.

“With the insatallation of the Aqua4D system on a 7-hectacre plot, we observed important water savings, a significant production increase as well as improved foliage,” said Bernard Coulais of Castel Group. “We are very satisfied with these results, which absolutely responded to our needs.”