After numerous installations proving the efficiency of AQUA4D® in buildings in Valais, Switzerland, the regional government has now explicitly mentioned this technology in their directives for energy and resource use. Specifically, the section pertaining to water use recommends to “install an Aqua4D water treatment system directly after the filter and after each circulation pump on the water system.”

This represents the latest in a line of recommendations and roll-out across Switzerland, where there are some 2,500 installations to date. Since its first emergence in the early 2000s, this clean technology has constantly caught the eye of organizations and institutions. Eric Plan from CleanTech Alps was one of the first to recognize the far-reaching potential of this technology. “AQUA4D has always been a pioneer in the cleantech field and contributes to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals,” says Plan. “Their pioneer’s spirit, social responsibility and company’s values have been rewarded with major distinctions in the past years, among them the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label and the Highlight’s portfolio of the Swiss Confederation.”

AQUA4D® is an ecological, economical and modular solution for the effective protection of water pipes in buildings against the problems of scaling, corrosion and bacterial development. The effect is also proven in stagnant water, i.e. in buildings with low water consumption (e.g. sports halls, school buildings, second homes etc.) that are not in permanent use, irrespective of water quality and hardness. This last point is becoming more and more stringent for salt softeners that are set for a certain water hardness, as the water changes continuously during the year, with the various sources of supply interconnected. As a result, the salt softener quickly loses efficiency.

One property owner who has felt the immense value of AQUA4D® in recent years is Antoine Perri, Director of CVS Confort & Cie SA, heating and ventilation systems. The technology was recommended to him by the Valais regional government several years ago. For Perri, the investment has provided advantages of many kinds: “The AQUA4D system is very interesting in terms of its effectiveness, saving us from having to change all the pipes in the buildings,” he says. The technology’s effects have been both curative – resolving existing corrosion or mineral deposits – as well as preventative in averting problems in the future. This saves not only material costs but labor hours as the systems no longer require regular maintenance. “I highly recommend this technology to other companies in our field and other property owners,” adds Perri.

Perri was also impressed with the consultation and interaction with the AQUA4D technical team: “We have a thorough follow-up from the AQUA4D technicians, with analysis of the pipes once a year. We take pictures to follow the development. If I forget to do so, I even et a reminder from the AQUA4D technicians once a year!”

Protecting installations without the use of chemicals and extending their life cycle, this ensures cleaner trouble-free systems for today and more sustainable water efficiency for tomorrow. Now with regional government endorsement and an ever-growing list of happy customers, many more buildings look set to benefit from this sustainable innovation in 2020 and beyond.

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“Aqua4D’s management had a vision 16 years ago that slowly turned into reality… it can clearly be defined as a pioneer in the cleantech field and represent the forefront of the new generation of tech coming on the market.”

– Eric Plan, CleanTech Alps