David Clay discusses optimized irrigation technology for California

David, what convinced you to make the move to Aqua4D?

The people and the product make Aqua4D a smart choice for anyone who wants to make a difference in the world. I’m proud to be part of a team that is pioneering smart water technologies to meet future food demands.

What experience can you bring to this new role?

I have spent 20 years promoting efficient water technologies, my experience in all aspects of production agriculture will help guide Aqua4D in developing a path for the future in California and the US.

So what were your first impressions of this Aqua4D technology? 

The technology is a “paradigm shift” in how we improve soil quality, irrigation efficiency and plant health.

What potential do you see for this agtech in California?

California like many other areas with a large agricultural footprint are looking for sustainable solutions to increase productivity. Limited resources such as labor and water will drive the market to Aqua4D.

So Aqua4D clearly has huge potentials for water savings in almond crops. What results did you see in the recent harvest?

Soil health is one of the most important factors in a successful almond crop, yields consistently improved because Aqua4D created an environment for the trees to flourish.

How important is water savings for the almond industry?

It’s important for farmers to use water efficiently, adopting technologies such as Aqua4D is one tool to help meet these goals.

How exactly does this system bring about such water savings?

Aqua4D keeps irrigation systems clean by removing biofilm and dissolving bicarbonates, this increases the efficiency of the system. Water is held in the rootzone longer due to the change in the nature of the water molecules. The plant has a greater potential to absorb water and nutrients when in the rootzone for a greater period of time.

What other Californian/West Coast crops can benefit from irrigation with Aqua4D?

All crops would benefit from Aqua4D; nut crops and grapes have been our focus but we are starting to see a demand in row crops.

There’s a lot of innovation in agtech – what makes Aqua4D different?

The difference is in the science that drives the technology. Results matter, Aqua4D backs the technology with many accredited university and third-party validation.

What do the next 6-12 months in California look like for you and for Aqua4D?

It’s important that the agricultural market is aware of our technology. Our team will be focused on building a network to help us promote Aqua4D and create industry partnerships with companies that have common interests.

David Clay, thank you!

Contact:  clay@aqua4d.com


Watch David introduce the Aqua4D F-A Skid, purpose designed for high flow-rates:

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David introduces the Aqua4D Skid for high flow rates

David takes a look inside a Central Valley Aqua4D installation