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“This irrigation technology can solve issues for many farmers around the world.” – Q&A with Yvain Mirabal

2020-12-10T12:19:42+00:00December 10th, 2020|Aqua4D people, Precision irrigation|

Coming from international roles with Irrigaronne and Linsday Corporation, Yvain Mirabal is embarking on a new challenge heading up the new Macro Irrigation business unit at AQUA4D. Here he explains what convinced him to make this change – and how

“The potential is huge”: Wine industry expert joins the growing AQUA4D team in Chile

2020-06-09T15:05:27+00:00June 9th, 2020|Aqua4D people, Precision irrigation|

"Coming from a vineyard where technology was one of its main pillars, I see that the potential is gigantic...AQUA4D treats the irrigation water, a transversal element in the Chilean viticulture, where the efficiency demands are higher and higher. The impact is at all levels: In production issues efficiencies, savings and quality improvements are generated."

Ag 4.0 in Action: Real-time Plant Measurements and Optimized Irrigation

2019-09-16T18:29:06+00:00September 16th, 2019|Aqua4D expertise, Aqua4D people, Crop knowlege - Case studies, Sustainable goals|

“As we say in Holland, measuring is knowing,” says 2Grow co-founder Olivier Begerem with a knowing smile. “In horticulture there are still too many things being done based on assumptions, still too many mistakes being made. In our opinion it’s time to stop assuming and start measuring.”

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