Aqua4D Water Solutions continues expansion in California and Washington

Aqua4D Water Solutions continues to expand its footprint in the U.S. agriculture industry, particularly in California and Washington.

The high-tech Swiss company’s innovative water treatment system uses a finely calibrated electromagnetic signal to treat irrigation water before it is applied to crops. The system dissolves minerals and other organic material in the water into smaller elements, immediately improving any plant’s ability to better absorb what it needs in the proper proportions.

Not surprisingly, the effect on plant behavior, production and health often is extraordinary. Yields consistently increase by 20% or more — in grapes, nuts, stone fruit and vegetables. Size and quality are enhanced.

At the same time, because plants are optimizing their performance, less water and fertilizer needs to be applied. Even as water of poor quality is improved prior to irrigation, the long-term impact on the soil is no less important.

Salts and other harmful minerals are leached away and nematodes repelled from the root zone (rhizosphere) with consistent application from the Aqua4D system. Farmers across the world have seen less productive soils turn into fertile fields.

American farmers have taken notice.

Nearly two dozen large-scale farming operations have signed on in the past two years to test the Aqua4D system, a process the company calls “validation.” So confident is the company in its results, it requires side-by-side comparisons to be made so key data can be measured and analyzed.

All factors are controlled so that one field, orchard or vineyard receives water treated with the Aqua4D system while the section does not. The water comes from the same source, and the crop types and soil profiles are identical.

The only variable is the Aqua4D system.

Growers in the San Joaquin and Salinas valleys in California have signed up. Many have quickly expanded the Aqua4D system because of positive validation results. Apple farmers in Washington – challenged by high salinity levels in their irrigation water and soil – are the latest to turn to Aqua4D to solve their chronic problems.

Strawberry and vegetable growers in Florida, a cotton grower in Arizona and greenhouses in Canada also have achieved remarkable results with the Aqua4D system. They join a base a satisfied ag customers that spans the globe – from Brazil to Italy, Africa and the Middle East all the way to India.

The water treated by the Aqua4D system is permanently transformed. Like an electric wire connected to a live power source, the water emerging from the Aqua4D tubes will retain its new characteristics as long as it remains in contact (via irrigation lines) with a system that is turned on. Distance away from the system does not make a difference.

The system is eco-friendly and completely sustainable. There are no magnets or filters to change, dangerous chemicals to handle or toxic elements to dispose of, making maintenance simple and convenient. Even better, the system requires little power and adapts easily to small solar panel arrays.

Growers worldwide consistently have seen their investment pay off in two years or less, making Aqua4D a wise decision.

If all this interests you and you’re ready to conduct a validation study in your own orchard or field, contact Phillip Moreland at (805) 345-9926 or