Aqua4D joins the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions

Aqua4D is delighted to have been welcomed as a member of the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions at the end of 2018, with a view to becoming one of the 1000 Solutions it champions.

The World Alliance brings together the main actors in the field of clean technologies to speed up the implementation of clean and profitable solutions which have the potential to address the environmental challenges of today. This means not only solar energy but any products or companies which are economically successful while optimizing the use of natural resources.

With environmentally-friendly manufacturing and a technology which enables significant water savings on a device which can be powered by solar panels, Aqua4D fits neatly into becoming a member of this alliance. Its game-changing technology not only enables up to 30% water savings but also increase of yield and quality – all on an innovative proprietary system requiring less energy than a standard 10W bulb.

What is the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions?

It’s the brainchild of Bertrand Piccard, the Swiss visionary who made global headlines in 2016 when he became the first person to take a successful round-the-world solar powered flight. Rather than focussing on environmental problems, this new initiative aims to support enterprises which provide real workable solutions going forward. Together, “1000 solutions to change the world” will be selected, including everything from CO2 capture to deep sea wind farms to electric cars. According to Piccard, such enterprises create jobs, profits and boost clean economic growth while alleviating the issues facing our planet. Moreover, they’re inherently innovative: they’re not just ecological but logical, and would succeed even without climate change. Aqua4D is delighted to have been considered as such an enterprise; watch this space for further news of developments as part of this initiative.