Aqua4D boosted by Swiss Climate Foundation support

Swiss cleantech firm Aqua4D is bringing its water-smart irrigation solution to ever more growers in 2020:

A brand-new HQ in Valais, Switzerland, gives the company a solid base from which to grow, and assemble all its products in-house. Meanwhile, a new office in California’s Central Valley, headed up by David Clay and co-founder Walter Thut, is the ideal launching pad to serve a growing interest in the region, notably for efficiently irrigating almond, pistachio, grape, and avocado crops.

On top of this, the company is now bolstered by an expanding list of institutional support: this month, it was confirmed that the company has received the official backing of the Swiss Climate Foundation. This is a non-profit institution which “directly champions the cause of climate protection and helps to fund small and medium enterprises that are proactive in their approach to reducing CO2 emissions”. Its a clear recognition of Aqua4D’s contribution to sustainability, and its impact on climate-resilience and water savings in various countries around the world, as well as helping to cut emissions connected with irrigation.

Along with EU Horizon 2020 funding, and support from the Solar Impulse Foundation, CleanTech Alps, and the Swiss Confederation, Aqua4D is now widely recognized as a crucial part of improving the efficiency of irrigation systems while contributing to several of the UN’s SDGs.

The sustainable effects of this clean technology are manifold. It allows irrigation water savings of ~30%. It helps growers restore saline soils. And it keeps irrigation pipes and systems clean in a fully sustainable way. The technology is efficient, operational, scalable worldwide, and is fully complementary to existing irrigation infrastructure and e-monitoring. What’s more, it requires minimal maintenance and electricity consumption. Recent results include solving saline soils in Senegal, chemical-free management of nematodes in the Netherlands, and significant (+26%) water savings for citrus crops in Chile.

With a growing team, a new HQ, and increasing high-level institutional support for its sustainable cleantech innovation, Aqua4D looks set to reach a record number of growers around the world in 2020.

Aqua4D profiled by Switzerland’s Le Temps

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